Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Bidding Days

Farnes Experience

Despite being away for six days I'm glad to see that I've missed the worst of the weather. However news filters through that large numbers of Guillemots and Razorbills have returned to the islands, although they will disappear again in the very near future (as the bad weather continues). The 'Auks' are one of the first birds to return to Farne waters and its hard to imagine that little over ten weeks time, many will be sitting on eggs at nest sites on the islands!!
Anyway just to keep you posted, an auction on E-Bay is helping The National Trust raise money to help save Seaton Delavel Hall in the North-east of England. As part of the fund raising campaign, I've offered my services as seen below...

"Enjoy an exclusive 'behind the scenes of the Farne Islands with the National Trust's Head Warden and resident ornithologist, David Steel. These rocky islands off the Northumberland coast are a haven for 100,000 pairs of nesting seabirds like puffin and guillemot and are one of Europe's largest grey seal colonies. Bid for a chance for you and a friend to be met at Seahouses Harbour by David and enjoy a boat trip around the islands before arriving at the largest island, Inner Farne, for a tour of areas not usually open to the public. You'll see inside the 15th century Pele Tower, where the wardens live during the season, and inside the Victorian lighthouse keeper’s cottage, now the wardens’ office. Bring your binoculars for bird-watching and wildlife-spotting too. This tour is weather-dependent and also on the Head Wardens’ availability, but can be arranged from 1st April onwards. Bidding starts at £30 for your opportunity for this wonderful day bid now! Note that travel costs (from your home or place of work to Seahouses Harbour) are not included. No unaccompanied under 18s.

All proceeds will go to the National Trust's Save Seaton Delaval Hall Appeal (see www.nationaltrust.org.uk/saveit)
So there you have it!! Get bidding for a day out with me!!!!!


Jan said...

I would love to be able to bid, Dave, and there are two lovely photos for even more temptation - but it's currently at £420 and is beyond my means I'm afraid.
Good luck to those bidding and the very lucky winner, whoever they are! Worthy cause and undoubtedly a fantastic experience.
Do we know yet whether you and the Farnes are likely to feature on this year's Springwatch?

Farnes said...

Hi Jan, no not sure, have not heard from Springwatch yet (they usually decide in March), so will keep you all posted. And YES, staggered at the price (shocked!!) but everyone is welcome throughout the entire six months we are open, so looking forward to kick starting the season.

Ipin said...

First Prize: A day on the Farne's with David Steel

second Prize: Two days on the Farnes with David Steel!!

Ha Ha

kezia said...

Hi there David like Jan I had a look and you are now up to £430 I to would love to do it but think my two months away this year needs all my money so I will have to satify myself with (hopefully) just meeting you and seeing the Farnes in July/August . I hope whoever wins will appreciate it - I am sure they will - perhaps I will contact them and ask if they want someone for company !!!!!!!!!
Looking forward to hearing if you will feature on Springwatch and also to see who will be Kates new partner - was hoping maybe Rory McGrath but that is my personal choice , he has a bit of humour and he is also a keen birder .
Take care and hope you had a nice time away whereever you went - my son has just got back from St Lucia so a bit of a shock - but he was upset he missed the snow !!!!!!
PS I will take the 2nd prize that Ipin suggested !!

kezia said...

£540 then David - well done and I do hope whoever has got it enjoys their day with you , I am sure you will make it a wonderful day .x

Micky Maher said...

Happy New Year Steely, for last year and the year before as well!

Could you drop me a text with your number please?

Cracking blog, brings back fine memories.

All the best,