Saturday 25 July 2009

Kitts on the wing

Look I can fly: a Kittiwake chick takes flight for the first time

Adult Kittiwake taking care of youngster

I'll show you how its done; adult Kittiwake in flight
Saturday 25th July comments:
Everyday brings more exciting news from the islands and its great to reveal that the pair of breeding Roseate Terns are now parents, as one of the eggs has hatched, so they’ll be full of busy finding food for the next few weeks. It’s also great news that we’ve actually got two pairs of Roseate Terns nesting, the first time we’ve had more than one pair since 2000!! Also despite appearing not to be sitting on their eggs, the Swallows have hatched five youngsters, so it’s all go on the islands.

Elsewhere more Kittiwake young are now flying – it’s a great sight following several years of dismal breeding failures, so fingers crossed it’s a step in the right direction for a bird in serious decline. Otherwise its business as usual as the Puffins remain (and showing very well) but be warned, it won’t last, they’ll all be gone, very, very soon…


kezia said...

Hi David and everyone , first time for connection !!! just want to say a big thank you I so enjoyed my short trip to The Farnes and want to come back ASAP in fact maybe on my way back south !! I need to take some photos as my camera wouldnt work on my trip and it appears at the moment I have lost all my Photos :o(( so an excuse (if I need it to come back) Thank you David for everything and by the way I made it to Loch Garten before all the chicks fledged and I am having a great time . Take care everyone .

Jan said...

Isn't this rather late for swallows to be hatching chicks? The ones around me are already fledged.

Any more football on the horizon for the wardens?