Sunday 23 August 2009

Quiet days

Sunday 23rd August comments:

Very little to report - strong southerly winds with heavy rains on occasions resulted in no visitor boats sailing and the warden team staying inside catching up on paperwork - its not all fun living out here!
Highlights: Merlin 1, Cuckoo juvenile present for second day on Inner Farne, Swift 1 south, Wheatear 5, Whinchat 1 and Willow Warbler 19.


kezia said...

Not all fun !!! have you got the wood burner working yet ???? At least you can keep warm and dry which is more than I did !!! Hope all is well no doubt there will be lots of quiet days now when you can catch up with everything . Mind you those seals will be having their pups for long .

John Malloy said...

Not so quiet today eh!

Hope the YBB sticks...