Wednesday 16 September 2009

Whale of a time...

Tail fluke of a monster - Humpback Whale (phots by Julie Forrest)

Humpback off the Farnes, on Monday 13th September (photos by Julie Forrest)

Wednesday 16th September comments:
Following the euphoria of Monday evening, the following few days have been more settled as most of the migrant birds departed overnight with no sign of the Black-headed Bunting on Tuesday morning. The only bird of interest lingering for a second day was the Common Rosefinch, which moved from Longstone to nearby Brownsman.

On the cetacean front, following the spectacular sightings of the Humpback Whale and Risso’s Dolphins, things were back to normal, although photographs of the whale have now emerged. Julie Forrest, a local diver, was lucky enough to be onboard Glad Tidings, when the whale was originally discovered. Many thanks to her for forwarding the photographs – I superb record shot of an impressive beast in Farnes waters. For those who witnessed the whale, it will long stay in the memory.

Otherwise the islands remain quiet, as small numbers of visitors arrive daily and the team await the first Seal Pup of the year – it’s surely just around the corner…

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cscashby said...

I assume that these pictures were taken from Glad Tidings VII - if so I was there, and it was an amazing sight - topped off a fantastic weekend's diving.

Well done Julie - these are great pictures.