Monday, 7 December 2009

Departure Day

Belongings ready to go - goodbye to Brownsman

Waiting in the wings - Glad Tidings 6 ready to pick us up

Bedraggled but happy - the team on board heading west

The clean up operation - boats being sorted

Monday 7th December comments:
Morning arrived early on Saturday as the team were active by 06:30, making final preparations for the big day – we were leaving. The wind had rattled the cottage for one final time during the small hours but hopes were high for a final retreat. Darkness disguised the fact that there was a stiff southerly breeze with white tops, but we weren’t going to let that stand in our way, not this time.

The team worked hard as dawn broke over Brownsman, as the islands were packed for the winter and we were ready. The driving rain made things unpleasant and the fact the boat couldn’t get to our jetty due to the southerly swell, resulted in a scramble down a cliff face and shuttle runs with out trusty Zodiac inflatable. Eventually the job was complete, Adam and myself were the last two standing on Brownsman, as we waved goodbye for another season.

Once safely across the Sounds, we returned to Seahouses just before 11am, with the final sort underway. Recycling was sorted, the boats pressured hosed down, various equipment off for service and eventually the team could relax and start enjoying the comforts of the mainland. In true Farnes tradition, the team stayed in a local hotel and celebrated into the small hours. The hangovers may have been long, but it’s been a cracking season and everyone connected with the islands should be congratulated on a brilliant nine months.

Over the course of the next five days, I’ll be bringing you the highs and lows of the season, starting tomorrow with the first story – the Grey Seals, so don't go anywhere.


kezia said...

well done David and everyone and big thank yous from me , enjoy your break you all deserve it for sure and we shall look forward to seal updates etc when you have a better head !!!!!

Jan said...

Don't you all look dashing and wet in that photo!

Safe journey and thank you everyone!