Friday 4 December 2009

Saying Goodbye...maybe

Grey Seal Pup of the Farne Islands

Friday 4th December comments:
It’s been a long tough week on the Farnes, as work has been non-stop and it’s kept the team busy. And why you may ask? It’s that time of year - where leaving, its time to head west to the mainland and depart the islands for the winter.

The year has flown by, having landed on the rocky outcrop which is known as the Farne Island on 20th March, we’ve lived, breathed and slept the Farnes ever since. We’ve seen and had it all – storms, sunshine, thousands of visitors, vast numbers of seabirds, migrant birds, rare birds, huge whales and let’s not forget the Grey Seals. However it’s almost over for another season and we’ve been busy preparing for the big day.

The big day should arrive tomorrow morning as where scheduled to be picked up, however it’s never that simple with the Farnes and its 50-50 whether we escape – another south-easterly weather front is about to hit us, but can we escape in time? I’ll reveal all with a complete round-up, including those important final Grey Seal numbers and a round-up of the season on Monday. Keep those fingers crossed for our final escape.

It’s time to say goodbye…maybe.


kezia said...

To all of you hope you have a safe journey to where ever you are going , hope you all have a wonderful Xmas and a very happy new year , thank you from me for all the wonderful pictures and the updates ,I intend to visit on my way again to Loch Garten next June , such a magical place . take care everyone keep safe and we await news as to whether you made it or not ....... and of course seal news goodbyeeeeeeee .

Jan said...

I hope all of you get off the islands and back to your respective homes/destinations safely. Thank you for all your updates, the wonderful photos and for sharing your day to day lives with us. Look foward to your final seal count.