Tuesday 12 October 2010

Good birds continue

Olive-backed Pipit - third for the Farnes (David Andrews)

A real rare - Olive-backed Pipit on Brownsman (David Andrews)

Pallas's Warbler - the first in England this autumn (Graeme Duincan)

The third this year - Great Grey Shrike (David Andrews)

Northern Bullfinch on Brownsman

Major highlights during recent ‘fall’:
Olive-backed Pipit – 3rd Farnes record on Brownsman on 12th October
Shorelark two birds 9th-12th October on Inner Farne and Brownsman
Pallas’s Warbler 8th-11th October, Inner Farne (first in England this autumn)
Great Grey Shrike 9th October, Longstone (third this year)
Northern Bullfinch 9th-12th October, Brownsman (first since 2004)
Yellow-browed Warbler 8th on Brownsman, 11th-12th Inner Farne

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