Saturday 27 November 2010

Snow pups

Looking west towards the mainland - Bamburgh Castle covered in snow
(Graeme Duncan)

A new born pup in the snow (Graeme Duncan)

Moulting pup in the snow (Jason Moss)
Sunday 27th November comments: You know its cold when the beach freezes. Not only that, snow forms. Its that cold. The north-east has been blasted with arctic winds bringing plenty of the white stuff with it and we’ve not escaped. The Seals have been covered, the islands dusted and the wardens are cold (but happy!).

So what’s it like on the Farnes at this time of year? Well today we ventured over to Inner Farne to finally 'close' that particular island down. In the process, we were caught in a blizzard but we survived and got on with work. We also checked out the new born Seal pups on the inner group before eventually heading back to Brownsman. We finished the day by moving various bits of equipment from the cottage to the jetty, which is no easy feat with several adult Seals and pups along the route (never mind the freezing conditions). Regardless we made it back to the cottage just before dark to settle down for the evening.
So how cold was it? Well my right hand needed warm water pouring over it before it would open – painful and cold and maybe we pushed it a bit today but mission accomplished. Now we can settle down on Brownsman and get back to the Seal colonies, in the snow...

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