Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Thank you team

Farnes Team 2010

happy and proud - Senior warden Jason

Having a funny Tern - Graeme

Friends? Jamie admiring the local wildlife

Raising money for 'Movember' - David

And just having a laugh...the lads
Wednesday 14th December comments:
The season may be over but I've still got plenty to update you all on. A good starting point would be the team - we've been out there since early March and we've welcomed over 45,000 visitors, 183 different bird species, 80,000 breeding seabirds and not forgetting over 1,400 Seal pups. We've had our 'up's and down's along the way, but a big THANK YOU to all the team for another good year - I hope you all enjoyed and you'll all remember the Farnes - its an amazing place but made even better by the people who take care of it. I wish everyone luck and hopefully some of you will return for another year on the islands. So from this head warden, thank-you and enjoy the winter.


kezia said...

Lovely to see a photo of you all . Who could forget the Farnes - I am sure none of your team will ever forget the experience David , they are very lucky and I am sure they loved every moment - the ups and the downs . Thank you from me to everyone for all you do , hopefully see you all again in 2011 on my way to Loch Garten , have a lovely Xmas and a very happy new year .

Jan said...

Thank YOU all for another season of ups and downs, of sharing your work and experiences with us.
Have a good Christmas all of you, and good luck for 2011