Monday 25 April 2011

Glorious April

Razorbills now on eggs!

Guillemots galore

Monday 25th April comments:

Its still all go on the islands, as the fine weather continues (we’ve yet to be closed due to poor weather in April!), good numbers of visitors are visiting us and the breeding seabirds are settling day by day.

The month has brought some exceptional weather, with high temperatures and plenty of flat calm seas. However we went through a spell of thick fog late last week, but the sunshine has returned and everyone is happy once again!

On the seabird front, most birds are now on eggs including the latest additions of Razorbill, Black-headed Gull and Ringed Plover. In fact, having had Shags on eggs since 23rd March, we’ll probably be boasting chicks very soon! However, as expected, we’re waiting for the Terns to settle (but not until early May) whilst Kittiwakes have yet to lay (which will probably happen in the next day or two).

On the migration front, we’ve had up to 23 Little Terns (earlier than normal) during the evening roost whilst another Hooded Crow and the lingering Mediterranean Gull have been noticeable highlights.

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