Sunday 5 June 2011

Nest counts continue

The count starts on Brownsman

Ciaran and co counting on Brownsman

Sunday 5th June comments:
The weather has changed yet again, despite me thinking that we had turned the corner. The Brownsman team were up early ready for their nest count day but unfortunately unlike the glorious sunshine from the day before, they were greeted by cold northerly winds.

Despite the drop in temperature, the team completed another day's counting and we have yet another set of results. Disappointingly the results were not as good as we had hoped as breeding Arctic Tern numbers have dropped whilst no Sandwich Terns are present. The results of the nest count on Brownsman:

Arctic Tern 658 pairs (down 421 pairs)

Eider 178 (up 17 pairs)

Oystercatcher 10 pairs (up one pair)

Black-headed Gull 5 pairs (down 21 pairs)

Although our nest counts are complete we still have another nine cliff counts, so still plenty to go - June is never dull on the Farnes!

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kezia said...

Hi David I would love to know your ideas as to why the count is down on the Artic Terns by so many and also no Sandwich Terns - why ??? does it depend on weather ? Take care all and good luck with more counts