Wednesday 29 February 2012

Flying over

Early season preparation - visitor boats out of the water

Wednesday 29th February comments: Everything is in place now as we cross the 't's and dot the 'i's. In eighteen days time the rangers will return to Seahouses and soon after we'll be heading back to the Farnes for another season. Time has gone so quick but with a few final things to do, it's almost time to open our doors.

At present the visitor boats have been lifted clear of the harbour, as each one receives its annual spring clean and safety inspection ready for another year at sea. They'll soon be bringing the daily visitors and more importantly our supplies and post! Life on 'Planet Farne' will start again and for me, I'm about to start year twelve on the rock. I must be mad.

Early indications suggest that more birds are returning to Farne waters with an increase in Razorbill and Guillemot numbers whilst the first Puffin sighting will not be far away. Harbour Porpoise have already been reported in recent days whilst Fulmars occupy the cliff ledges. Soon seabird city will be alive and well and you must come and visit, it's one unbelievable place, and who better to tell you than me.

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