Saturday 17 May 2014

Heads up!

Stunning adult Arctic Tern

Tree nesting Terns? Courtship display begins

Coming to a head near you...
Saturday 17th May comments: Time moves so quickly and within just a few days the islands have been descended on by our most famous of all visitors; the Arctic Terns. Birds have been displaying and carrying fish and on Wednesday the first eggs were discovered. It'll be a matter of a few days before the first 'head pecking' commences, so be warned. Their back!

Other latest news included the discovery of our first Sandwich Tern eggs and Fulmar eggs and now we just await the first kittiwakes eggs to have a complete set. With Shags on eggs, it won't be long before we are boasting Puffin and Eider young and then the Farnes will be in full flow by then. So come along, enjoy the ride, but please bring a hat.... 

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