Friday 9 May 2014

Touch Down!

Touch down....Arctic Terns are here!

Hats at the ready....

Coming to a head near you!

Eider increase in number on a daily basis

But not all good news...predated Eider egg

Friday 9th May comments: Time moves on quickly and this week has seen the return of our Arctic Terns...and they'll be coming to a head near you soon! The breeding season continues to advance and Sandwich Terns are starting to settle (at long last!) whilst Kittiwakes frantically build nests across the colonies. 

It won't be long before all our breeding birds are sitting on eggs and some even have chicks now...So don't miss any of the action and come out and visit. Welcome to Planet Farnes! 

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Linda said...

Sad about the egg, but your photos are lovely.