Tuesday 2 December 2014

Mainland bound...

Buildings on lock-down

St.Cuthburt's Chapel shutters up

That time of year again! Grey Seal pups at the door

Tuesday 2nd December comments: Its early December, it’s that time of year again as we’re getting ready to leave. The Farnes have been home to the ranger team since mid-March and we’ve seen and experienced it all. However as we approach Christmas, its time we departed for the luxury and comforts of the real world.

On Saturday we’ll say goodbye to the islands for another season as we’ve started to pack down and lock up the buildings on the Farnes. It’s going to be an intense few days as we’ve still got more Seals to count but also plenty of other work to keep us busy.

I’ll try keep the blog updated nightly to keep you all informed of the latest news, but lets hope for some kind weather and a good finish to the season.

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