Saturday 7 February 2015

Thank you Seahouses

Glad Tidings One legends; Bobby (left) and the late Billy (right)

Archie and Ian

William with his son Oliver

Lads working hard; (from left to right) Micky, Craig and James

John 'Findus' 

Peter and Adam

Happy times; Bobby, Steely and Billy

The late Billy Shiel
Saturday 7th February comments: As I continue to say goodbye to the Farne Islands, I’m reflecting on the 14 years I have spent living and breathing ‘Planet Farnes’. During that period many people have helped and supported myself and the teams and this is the start of the many thanks I owe to the people involved.

Seahouses is the gateway to the Farne Island and for me it’s the people of the village which make it. Without the close friendship and loyalty of the boatmen, the job would not have been the same. In there own unique way, they made me feel part of community as I got to know the lads and their families very well over the years.

The boatmen have been the real stars of the show as they have educated and showed me the ‘ways of the sea’ whilst helping in many ways from lifts in rough seas to bringing out post and water when needed most.   

The Glad Tidings fleet, run by the late Billy Shiel and then his son William have been supportive over the years and it was his crews which made life on the islands that bit more enjoyable. Whether it was Bobby talking footy (he still remains a hardened Newcastle United fan despite my best efforts to convert) or the late Billy chatting about his latest camera woes, it was all good crack. Craig (GT6 skipper) and Micky (GT 7 skipper) have been there with me throughout the 14 years and I’ve enjoyed the banter throughout and we’ve had a good few Wardens vs Boatmen footy matches over the years.

Archie the ‘grumpiest’ well loved boatmen of them all is a real character of the village whilst his son Ian skippered Glad Tidings 4 with great crewman Martin. Others to mention include Robert (St.Cuthberts Skipper) with his top class commentary, Andy (Serenity Skipper) with all his wildlife sightings and enthusiasm and George (Golden Gate Skipper) who attended the lighthouses on behalf of Trinity House.
Other thanks go to Marta in the harbour booking offices, Gloria, Jade and Keith in the National Trust shop, all the girls at the Co-op, the guys at the Fruit and Veg shop, the good crack at the The Ship (and to the wonderful Jane who works there) and the Bamburgh Inn. I can’t mention Seahouses without their fish and chip shops or all the others who have offered friendship over the years from the RNLI team to the local fisherman. I thank each and every one of you.

It’s been a great pleasure to know all these people and many more and I thank you all. I’ll not be a stranger to the place as I hope to extend my friendships for many more years to come. Seahouses thank you for being a part of the Farne Islands success story and thank you for letting me be a part of you.   

Next stop ….time to thank the rangers over the last 14 years!


Living well with Lewy Body dementia/Parkinsons and Comorbidities said...

It's thank you to people like you that thousands of people are able to see the farne Islands and there beauty.
I was on your boat in the summer and really enjoyed it.

Thanks again

Linda said...

Lovely series of photos. :)

Unknown said...

You sound like you have a really strong meaningful connection with the place and the people - it's authentic and genuine and inspirational and a credit to you. Well done and thanks for sharing.

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