Friday 21 May 2010

Puffin chicks!

Roseate Tern return

Last weeks Pintail on Brownsman pond

Friday 21st May comments:
A seabird breeding season can move so rapidly – we’ve now got Puffin chicks! As each day progresses a new news story breaks from the islands, with the first Puffin chicks following hot on the heals of the first Guillemot chicks. It’s also been a welcome return to our breeding pair of Red-breasted Mergansers whilst the Swallows have reappeared – hopefully to re-nest again this year.
The most noticeable returnee has been the Roseate Terns, with at least one pair now on Inner Farne although still erratic in behaviour, it may be a week or two before they settle to nest (their always notoriously late nesters). So the great weather continues – its been a stunning week – plenty of sun with flat seas although migration has been quiet – not much to shout about but that could change at any moment!

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kezia said...

So glad you are having some good weather lets hope it lasts till I come over to see you all , looks like it will be Monday 14th weather permitting , must get a hat !!!!! Two weeks today and I will be at Loch Garten - EJ 's first chick hatched today - two to go .