Saturday, 29 May 2010

So much for summer!

Saturday 29th May comments:

Its been an interesting week as the settled weather has disappeared and we welcomed cloud, rain and hail. I thought summer was on its way, but I was very mistaken - today could have been early March on the islands as temperatures plummeted and the islands were looking bleak. However with brighter forecasts, its not all doom and gloom, son fingers crossed it improves and we can get on with a good seabird breeding season.
More chicks have appeared over the week with good numbers of Puffins hatching young whilst Guillemot and Razorbill chicks grow ever stronger. Female Eiders continue to depart with ducklings on a daily basis whilst Shag chicks grow ever stronger. The season is at its height and it won't be long before we our first Arctic an Sandwich tern chicks appear. Its also a matter of a few days before we head into counting season - then the real work begins...


kezia said...

Hope the weather is better up there now and do so hope it improves before I come up , all booked now and will be coming over to visit - weather permitting !!!- Monday 14th June , I have got the hat ready !!! Leaving for Loch Garten this coming Wednesday , just the packing to do now , cant wait to see the Ospreys and then all the Puffins , lets hope the camera works this time !!!

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