Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Fly a Kite

Second-year Black Kite over the islands today (Mark Breaks)

A first for the islands - Black Kite (Mark Breaks)

Tuesday 1st June comments:
What a day. Just when we thought the spring was slipping away without any real bird of note on the islands, up stepped a moment of magic just after 4pm. Whilst dealing with good numbers of visitors (our first day open since Saturday!) when the birds of Knoxes Reef lifted in panic. First the waders, followed by the Gulls and then the Terns. It was panic city.

Then suddenly, there it was – a Black Kite, in full glory, flying low over the small stretch of water known locally as the ‘kettle’, and then over the admiring wardens on the jetty. The bird continued to move west, putting everything up in its sight - nothing liked it (apart from the wardens!) as every breeding seabird scattered for miles. However the bird moved on and became a record breaker - the first ever record for the Farne Islands - a brilliant moment - a classic for Farne birders and something we won't forget. The species is a rare visitor to the north-east of England and probably travelled over the from the near continent before tracking north in today's southerly wind. Either way, it was a great bird to record on the Farnes.


Ipin said...

I hope it didn't fly over Bamburgh Castle... I was there until 4.15!

Jan said...

WOW! Must have put the smaller birds into a frenzy of fear...and the wardens into a frenzy of photography!
Hope you are all enjoying decent weather, it's been hot in the Midlands today but I think we're builidng up to a storm.