Saturday 26 March 2011

Buteo beauty

Go away...Gulls mobbing the Buzzard (Graeme Duncan)

Good birds continue, Buzzard over (Graeme Duncan)

Three-headed Puffins.... (Graeme Duncan)

Puffins galore (Graeme Duncan)

A Farnes favourite (Graeme Duncan)

Saturday 26th march comments:
Our great start to the birding scene continued as Thursday pulled out another Farnes ‘biggy’ – a Buzzard! They maybe becoming more numerous on the mainland but on the Farnes, still rare, with just ten previous records involving fourteen individuals.

However once all the large Gulls had took to the air of the nearby West Wideopens, we knew something was up. Seconds later, a Buzzard drifted into view, as it headed east towards the outer group of islands. Realising there wasn’t much life out on Brownsman or beyond, the bird returned, heavily mobbed by everything on its return. Finally it departed west, to the relative safety of the mainland away from the angry Gulls but the delighted wardens.

On the islands, the Puffins returned again to the islands, with one or two noted sorting out nest burrows in preparation for the forthcoming breeding season. On the cliffsides, its still early days although the Shag still has a single egg on Lighthouse cliff.

Thursday 24th March highlights
Red-throated Diver 1N, Peregrine female, Buzzard, Sandwich Tern 2, Mediterranean Gull adult summer plumage in roost, Skylark, Blackbird 2,

Friday 25th March highlights
Shelduck 2, Teal 2, Goosander 2 north, Meadow Pipit 24N, Skylark, Blackbird 2, Wheatear (first of the year), Goldcrest 3.


kezia said...

Great pictures - thank you Graeme .
I thought you might have seen the odd passing Osprey on the Farnes , great about the Buzzard , as you say they are numerous on the mainland down south here you can see one nearly every day and the odd red kite as well . EJ the Osprey has returned to Loch Garten once more , she was early this year but I guess the good weather of late has helped .
take care all and thank you for the updates

Caroline Gill said...

Love those Puffin photos!