Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Snow Goose No Glory

Egg-static - first Shag egg of the season (Ciaran Hatsell)

Migrants on the move - Goldcrest (Ciaran Hatsell)

Wednesday 23rd March comments:
What a day. The best day of the week produced the most talked about events of the season so far. On an early seawatch, a Snow Goose was picked out flying north through Inner Sound in a mixed Goose flock. This potential ‘first’ for the Farnes will cause some debate as to its true origins, but its presumably the same individual seen recently in Ashington and on nearby Holy Island in Northumberland. If it is accepted as a wild individual, there will be some early celebrating on the islands.

Speaking of celebrating, the first eggs have been discovered – as a pair of Shags at lighthouse cliff were discovered sitting today – now that is early! With the mild start it’s not totally unexpected although it is the earliest ever recorded laying date by five days and we would normally expect the first eggs in mid-April. There was also a welcome return – our first Sandwich Terns – all three discovered on Knoxes Reef. As I said, what a day!

Today’s highlights: Snow Goose 1N (potentially first for the Farnes), Goldeneye 3, Red-breasted Merganser 2, Common Scoter 33 on sea, Sandwich Tern 3 (first of the year), Wood Pigeon 1 west, Rook 4 west, Jackdaw 2 west, Blackbird, Goldcrest 2 and Linnet 4

Cetaceans: Porpoise 3 surfacing through Inner Sound.

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kezia said...

Thanks for update and again great pics , all these firsts and all this excitement - great start to the season