Sunday 22 May 2011

Its coming....

Puffins galore - chicks have started hatching (Andy Denton)

Sandwich Tern colony (Andy Denton)

Who are you looking at... (Andy Denton)

Sunday 22nd May comments: Today has brought plenty more activity as our first Kittiwake chicks have hatched whilst a pair of Ringed Plover now have a brood of three chicks to guard against predators. However our attention is now switching to a more serious matter...the weather.

The month of April brought wall-to-wall sunshine and glorious calm flat seas. Then came May. The month has produced a real mixed bag of weather with plenty of rain and unsettled conditions, but now we face another threat – the wind. The forecast over the next few days is severe gale force southerly winds which will bring heavy seas and potentially the loss of many nests on the south facing cliffs. How bad things will be, is any ones guess, but fingers crossed its not as bad as predicted. Here goes...

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