Monday 23 May 2011

Storm Force 10

Waves over the East Wideopens (William Scott)

Inner Farne Lighthouse cliff - the storm pounds (William Scott)

Sea spray and waves over the island (Andy Denton)

Monday 23rd May (evening) comments:

Oh dear.

It really has been a shocker, as the wind has been off the scale today as the sea has battered and hammered the life out of the Farnes. Amazingly we may have escaped the worst of it as one crucial factor may have saved many nesting seabirds - the wind direction.

An easterly or northerly wind of this magnitude would have decimated the colonies but as its from the west, we may have escaped. When I say 'escaped', we still have experienced losses - we watched one Kittiwake nest being blown off the cliff side and across the island, taking the contents with it. However it could have been a lot, lot worse.

What we need now is some calm weather, preferably two months of it.

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Johnnykinson said...

Hang in there thoughts are with you all and the poor birds.