Sunday, 12 June 2011

Almost finished

Counting on the outer group with pinnacle in background

1, 2, 3......Ciaran counting

Wez taking notes taken

Sunday 12th June comments: Despite the weather, despite the advanced stages of the breeding season, the counting is almost complete. The cliff counts have been a huge success, the tired team will soon be catching up on sleep and the seabirds of the Farne Islands will have been counted for another year.

Hopefully by the end of this week, we'll have most counts in from the outer islands and then I can start bringing you results. As always wee have some good news and as always, we have some bad....its never dull on a seabird colony and its never dull on the Farne Islands.

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kezia said...

Just heard from a friend that I missed David on Radio 4 today !!! bother but I am told it is being repeated Thurs at 9pm so shall listen then .
I am still upset it doesnt look like I can come to The Farnes this year as I only have a morning time slot and I didnt realise you couldnt visit till PM , still looking into it !!! Really really want to come over .