Friday, 3 June 2011

Inner Farne counted!!

03:50 - dawn over the islands and the counting starts

Counted - a Black-headed Gull nest

The lads at work - counting every inch

Intense Sandwich Tern colony count

A happy but very tired Inner Farne team - job complete!

Friday 3rd June comments: Job done. The Inner Farne team of six were up at 4am today and went on to successfully complete an island count of all ground nesting seabirds. The job took all day, as the team eventually finished just after 6pm and although tired, were delighted to have completed the job in one day.

Every nest was counted and logged over the island, from nesting Eiders to every Arctic Tern. The concentration levels remain high throughout the day as one wrong step can result in disaster for a nest and it's made that bit more difficult by our 'friendly' Arctic Terns. With heads well pecked, I suspect the team will have an early night tonight but I have to congratulate them on a job well done.

The job is a real team effort as the Brownsman wardens cover all visitor work (working both Staple Island and Inner Farne all day) and we have great support from Anne Wilson who helps police the islands during this hectic period. And as for a rest...don't be silly, tomorrow we have to do it all over again on Brownsman...

Today's results from Inner Farne only:

Arctic Tern 1,133 pairs (up 23)

Sandwich Tern 453 pairs (down 308)

Common Tern 100 pairs (down 10)

Black-headed Gull 424 pairs(up 83)

Eider 415 pairs (up 22)

Now I need some sleep and tomorrow role on Brownsman.


Ipin said...

Good results apart form the sarnie decline..... and a fine collection of hats!

kezia said...

well done everyone and do hope today is good as well - What is the reason for Sandwich Terns being down so much ??? and goodness 1133 or 2266 Artic Terns to peck heads !!!! HELP take care all and have a lovely weekend