Sunday 24 July 2011

Petrels Storm the Farnes

A Storm Petrel in the hand (from last season) Mark Breaks

Sunday 24th July comments: WHAT a day! Another day of strong northerly winds prevented boats from sailing (for the third consecutive day) but the island team went about business as usual. As well as the usual strimming and pond work, the team’s attention was drawn to the sea for a second day, as Storm Petrels took top billing with another impressive showing.

The strong northerly winds have pushed record numbers down the north-east coast and the Farnes logged an impressive 69 north today (with up to seven lingering). The birds which lingered showed amazingly well as they were observed dip feeding for several hours around the south end of the islands – an amazing sight to an amazing day (at times feeding just off the islands). All team members enjoyed the magic and I’m sure there is much more to follow as the autumn has just begun!

24th July highlights: Storm Petrel 69N plus six lingering throughout the day (record day count from the islands) Sooty Shearwater 12N, Manx Shearwater 153N, Arctic Skua 6N, Great Skua 8N, Velvet Scoter 3 male north.

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