Monday 26 November 2012

Santa's Little Helper

Rare visitor; Little Grebe, 10th for the Farnes

Grey Seals in rough seas

The storm begins
Monday 26th November comments: It’s been a shocker of a day as gale force northerly winds and driving rain have battered the islands restricting any migrant movements (it certainly wasn’t a day to be outside!).

During yesterday’s Farnes festivities, we did have some noteworthy bird highlights including a Little Grebe, a rare visitor to these islands. The bird remained in the ‘kettle’ off Inner Farne all day, representing only the tenth ever record and first since 2008, helping cap truly memorable day. The icing on the Farnesmas cake came in the form of two Waxwings which eventually moved west to join the hoards on the mainland (check out your local berry bushes!).

Today (Monday) brought unrelenting gale force winds and rain with birding virtually impossible so it was an office day for the team. Our only concern is for our Grey Seal pups, as they could be in trouble with these heavy seas but until the wind eases, we won’t know the extent of any damage. However, listening to the shipping forecast this evening, we are not out of the woods yet…

Forth, Tyne, Dogger: North or northeast 5 to 7 occasionally gale force 8.

Time to batten down the hatches!

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