Wednesday 14 November 2012

Winter birding

Red-throated Divers now present in good numbers (Graeme Duncan)

Twite lingering on Inner Farne (Graeme Duncan)

Snow Buntings moving through the islands

Long-tailed Duck for second day off Brownsman (Jamie Coleman)
Wednesday 14th November comments: Winter is here. In birding terms, the Farnes are now entering winter as the last of the autumn migrants move through the islands and wintering birds have arrived for another few months on the rocky outcrops that are the Farne Islands. A small number of Snow Buntings and Twite are now resident whilst winter seaduck include Long-tailed Duck and Common Scoter amongst others.

Interestingly drake Eiders have started displaying again; their courtship displays will continue on throughout the winter period, when most of the pair-bonding takes place. However as we've still got a few more weeks out here, we'll hopefully spring a few more surprises between now and then, and as usual we'll keep you posted along the way. Its time to grab the thermals, temperatures are dropping....

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