Wednesday 13 February 2013

Spoke to soon!

Patricia in heavy seas

Trinity House boat Patricia

Rough seas at the harbour
Wednesday 13th February comments: No sooner had the Guillemots returned and I mentioned that Spring had 'sprung' we then got this! Strong easterly winds, heavy sea and snow. Forget spring, its still winter. 

Patricia, the Trinity House boat which patrols the east coast, visiting and checking lighthouses, was observed heading north off the islands in heavy seas. It's always difficult to capture rough seas, as scale is difficult, but one thing is for sure, I'm glad I was not on that boat! With little over one month to go before we open our doors to the public, the pre-season work continues. the team has been selected and we now can move forward in getting ready for the big kick off.  


Tim Cray said...

These are extra ordinary pics and a great tips to get knowledge to capture the photos , i like the clarity you made to capture these ship pics

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kezia said...

Hello Farnes Hope you are all well must get to see you again this year great pics thank you