Monday, 11 February 2013

Spring is sprung!

Soon the cliffs will be full

Guillemots are back in town

'bridled' Guillemots are back
Monday 11th February comments: Spring is slowly and surely creeping upon us as the milder weather threatens to arrive, the lighter nights are drawing ever closer and the Farne Islands is waking from its winter slumber. Last Friday the first real indication of spring arrived as thousands upon thousands of Guillemots invaded Farnes waters for the first time this year. The birds arrived and landed on cliff tops and although not unusual, it's the start of things to come.

Nearly 50,000 individual Guillemots call the Farne Islands 'home' and unsettled weather over the next month or so will see these birds head back out to sea. But gradually birds will settle and by early April, the clifftops of the Farnes will be alive once again. So don't miss it, we open our doors to the public on Friday 29th March - it's not to be missed. This is the Farne Islands, one of Britain's most outstanding nature reserves.

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Tony W said...

My family and I are due to holiday in the area from the 6th April for a week and plan to visit the Farne Islands. Is this still a little early in the year to experience the full range of seabirds?

Many Thanks