Monday 10 June 2013

Counting continues

Counting the veg garden on Inner Farne

Transect lines down

Lines being set

Counting with some attention

More ropes to lay

Counts in
Monday 10th June comments: Our seabird counting cranked up a notch on Sunday as the team went about an all-day island count of Inner Farne. The purpose of all the counting is to establish the exact number of ground nesting seabirds including Sandwich, Arctic and Common Terns, alongside Eiders, Mallards and Black-headed Gulls. 

The island is divided up and all areas are walked, with any nest discovered, logged and counted. Each nest is equal to a pair of birds, so plenty to count! After a full day counting, the team were exhausted but happy in the knowledge they had contributed to yet more scientific data for the islands. We'll be bringing you the full low down on all the results, once we have completed the job, which will hopefully be later this week. We've had some long days but very rewarding and we'll share it all very soon. I'm certain the team will be counting seabirds in their sleep!

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