Tuesday 4 June 2013

Early birds

Early starts and population counts begin!

1, 2, 3....several thousand....

Ciaran in count mode

...but not forgetting our head bangers...

Guillemots now with chicks!

Spectacular...Noctilucent Cloud over Inner Farne

Tuesday 4th June comments: You can tell its getting very busy on the Farnes as the blog posts become fewer, but this is June and its one crazy roller coaster of a month! The team have got some long days ahead of them as the Farnes are in full swing and its all go.

The population counts of the cliff nesting seabirds have begun (so 6am daily starts!) whilst monitoring and ringing continues. With the glorious weather still dominating (a few sun burnt rangers on the island!), visitors have been coming out in there droves to enjoy the spectacular wildlife on offer, so we've not had much time to write about it! 

However we aren't the only one's who are busy as our seabirds are full of activity. Guillemots, Eiders and Shags have finally hatched chicks and it won't be long before all our other seabirds have chicks. However its counting month and we had best get back to those cliff tops....calculator anyone? 

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