Tuesday 14 January 2014

All Quiet on the Farne Front

The quiet world of the Farne Islands

Empty cliffs...

...and empty nests

Few young Seals still around

Boats out for winter cleaning and painting

Tuesday 14th January comments: The winter is a quiet time for the islands, as very little happens, with very few seabirds matched by very few puppng Seals (it is the end of their breeding season now). Even the resident rangers have long since departed to wintering quarters far and wide.

However when the weather allows, we still keep a close eye on it and today was one of those days, with calm seas, allowing us to head east back onto the rocks for the first time this year. Despite the storms and surges, the islands were in 'good health' and if it wasn't for a scattering of Shags, Fulmars and Eiders, it would be easy to forget that this place becomes a Seabird City in just under three months time.

The only noticeable birdlife came in the form of a large female Peregrine on Inner Farne which had just devoured an unfortunate Woodcock, whilst a wintering Red-necked Grebe was seen near Staple Island. Soon we'll be back, but until then, we'll let the sleeping giant snooze and leave the Seals to rest, because it won't be long before we're back...you have been warned. 

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