Thursday 9 January 2014

Small is Beautiful

Sallow Kitten moth; first for the Farnes (Will Scott)

Another first; Green-brindled Crescent (Will Scott)

2nd record; Beautiful Golden Y (Will Scott)

Good season for Frosted Orange (Will Scott)
Thursday 9th January comments: Although the Farne islands attracts lots of attention because of its breeding seabirds and Grey Seal colonies, there is also another side to life on the islands.

Over the year the team (mainly down to the efforts of Will) trapped moths on 111 nights on Inner Farne and 56 nights on Brownsman. However please don’t worry; the moths are just attracted to light traps at night and once identified, are released safely the following morning!

As a result a record 12,465 moths’ of 138 species were recorded including some very noticeable records; an unprecedented 23 species were recorded for the first time bringing the Farne Islands moth list to 263. This effort and great work helps us to understand  the complwhat makes the Farnes tick

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