Tuesday 9 September 2014

Basking in the Glory!

Not today's animal - this was the first for the Farnes in 2007

A very distincitive profile!

Which way now?

Tuesday 9th September comments: It's been another stunning start to the week on the Farnes as the mild weather and flat seas continue to dominate. Migrant birds continue to move through the islands on their way to southern wintering grounds whilst the first sign of winter has been noted; Brent Geese on the move (heading back into the UK).

However this morning was all about another visitor, a slightly bigger and more impressive visitor. Just after 9am the team were carrying out their daily cetacean watch of Inner Sound (the stretch of water between Inner Farne and the mainland) and spotted the distinctive shape of a Basking Shark!

These huge fish have been seen before; in 2007 (two) and 2012 and this represented the third confirmed sighting in Farne Waters. Although no photos were taken (a bit too distant) I thought I'd share the photos of the very first animal spotted in Farnes waters in 2007. It's one huge, impressive fish and lets hope it sticks around because this is one visitor you really DO want to see. Hopefully more sightings to follow....

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Unknown said...

Thought I recognised those photos! Thought it was crazy you took almost the same photos we took in 2007! Excellent sighting. Did you have a sunfish recently too?