Monday, 9 November 2009

Counting continues

Waving goodnight; Seal pup at dusk

Not a care in the world - a Farnes Seal pup

Watching us - a mother Grey Seal

Monday 9th November comments:
Its been an excellent few days as fine weather and calm seas have been the order of the day and this allowed the team to enter the Seal colonies once again to count and tag the pups born on the islands. The number born on a daily basis continues to increase and after the weekend counting, we were almost on 700 and things are looking good.
Last seasons star pups, Archie, Lucky and Nemo will all be one year old now and Seals around the Farnes are doing well at this moment - although a change in the weather can and will change all of that, so fingers crossed for some calm weather. As for migrant birds, its all quiet on the islands as migration starts coming to a slow end.
Grey Seal pup population: population counts so far
North Wamses 204
South Wamses 283
Longstone 1
Brownsman 40
Staple Island 133
Northern Hares 29

Total 690

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kezia said...

Great pics again , I so love seeing the seals , hope all is going well with you out there , take care and hope the weather is not too bad for those new babies .