Sunday 15 November 2009

Life goes on

'Hiya' - a seal pup introducing itself

No longer white - a 'second coat' pup on Brownsman

Team in action - Davy and Adam in action marking a seal pup
Sunday 15th November comments:
It’s been a turbulent few days although we avoided the big storms which lashed southern England although we were whipped by the tail end of it. A calm spell on Friday allowed us access to the Seal colonies once again and things are looking good. We’ve broken the 900 barrier and I’m glad to report that mortality is lower than average (for second year running) although one big northerly blast could change all of that.

The team are working hard with various projects around the islands although boardwalk building has become a bit trickier due to the presence of pupping Seals – one mother has taken up residence on a new section – it’ll test the durability of it at least! Otherwise life goes on, and we'll continue monitoring the populations and counting any migrant birds which move through.
Highlights: birding is quiet although 3 Snow Buntings are lingering alongside a small flock of Twite. Otherwise the typical wintering birds including Red-necked Grebe and Black Guillemots - but more of that tomorrow

Grey Seal pup population: population counts so far
North Wamses 238
South Wamses 357
Longstone 1
Brownsman 64
Staple Island 199
Northern Hares 48

Total 907

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kezia said...

I so love seeing the pics , the Hiya one is very sweet ! and I notice Davy and Adam stand well back and fire when marking !!! The wind is very windy today !! blowing a gale down in the south so do hope the weather is better your way , looking forward to more pics , take care all .