Friday 20 November 2009

No let up

Friday 20th November comments:
The day brought glorious sunshine and calmer conditions, but this wasn’t our lucky day, we weren’t escaping and that was that. The wind remained defiant and no boats could sail, so very little chance of making it off the islands. The ‘white horses’ remained and the big waves continued to pound the Farnes - we can only but stare at the distant mainland – it may as well be fifty miles as apposed to three. Where going to have to hang on a bit longer.

Despite the perilous situation we find ourselves in, the team remain upbeat and morale is high and as usual, we just got on with work. Today saw Jason paint the hallway of the cottage, Davy constructed a new fenceline within the confines of the vegetable garden and the two Adam’s had a huge clear-out of the works shed. Life goes on and some day soon, we’ll get off…maybe.

Tomorrow we’ll celebrate Jason’s birthday, but its going to be no ordinary birthday – a lack of cake or pressies may make things a little different and I suspect the postman won’t make it either, so not even any birthday cards (and lets not even discuss beer). Welcome to storm season, where heading into day ten.


kezia said...

Happy birthday to you
Squashed tomatoes and stew
bread and butter in the gutter
Happy birthday to you xxx thats my version sorry

HAPPY BIRTHDAY JASON such a shame but remember there is always someone worse off than you honest may not feel like it . Have been thinking about you all day and the situation elsewhere especially at Cockermouth , cant believe I was there just before I visited you all on the Farnes in July , I feel so sad for people flooding must be so awful . I have had confirmation of next years visit to Loch Garten early June this time so will plan a visit to see you all then . Take care and keep those chins up (and I wont say Beer !!!)

Jan said...

I'll send you some virtual cake and champagne, that's the best I can do. So much we take for granted - fresh supplies, warmth and protection from the elements. Hope the forecast improves for you soon.

kezia said...

been think of you all hope you now have supplies and Jason has got some cards a cake and some pressies oh and a can of beer or two or three !!! looking forward to hearing how you are and maybe some pics .

kezia said...

Do hope you are all okay out there and not been blown away , keep checking in hoping for a message but you are no doubt busy . Take care