Tuesday 4 May 2010

Egg Sandwich

Sandwich Terns now on eggs in the main colony (Mark Breaks)

Arctic Tern grounded for first time (Mark Breaks)

Tuesday 4th May comments:
Today brought brighter, calmer conditions as the wind eased and the sun came out. It wasn’t just the sun which came out, as the Arctic Terns landed on the islands for the first time – displaying and calling loudly as they checked out traditional breeding grounds. So they’re back and preparing for the breeding season – so the wardens will have to be prepared and armed with hats because they’ll know about it if they don’t wear them!

As the Arctic’s were landing, yet more eggs were discovered elsewhere on the islands as the seabird breeding season continues to march on, as Sandwich Terns were discovered on eggs in the main colony on Inner Farne this morning. Following the trend of the season so far, these were our earliest Sandwich Terns eggs since 1990.

The build up to the first of the crunch football games against the boatmen continues but the kick-off has been brought forward – to tomorrow evening! The team tactics and positions have been discussed and hopefully we’ll have some success this season – but you’ll have to wait for the match report on Thursday morning before all is revealed. Wish us luck – we’ve had plenty of messages of support and let’s hope the wardens can do it this time.

Egg dates:
Shag 28th March (earliest since 1997)
Ringed Plover 15th April
Guillemot 11th April (earliest ever!)
Eider 17th April
Puffin 18th April (earliest since 1993)
Razorbill 20th April (earliest ever!)
Black-headed Gull 25th April (earliest since 2004)
Kittiwake 26th April (earliest since 1989)
Sandwich Tern 4th May (earliest since 1990)


kezia said...

Hey just realised that you have said that is a White Wagtail - now I didnt know there was such a thing but I have looked it up !!! So there I was excited at pic of NOT a Pied Wagtail oh well , would love a pic of the pied and then I can get excited !!! So good luck for the footie and discount my message from before but please listen to this football song http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=caglaXJP-3E

Ipin said...

Looks like we're in for some northerlies over the weekend - best get them hatches battened down!

My money's on the boatmen BTW

Wez Smith said...

Good luck with the game guys!

kezia said...

Okay now who won ?????????