Thursday 22 July 2010

Thats no Puffin!

Check me out - and the islands moth trap behind! (by Wez Smith)

Gannet up (by Wez Smith)

Gannet on the dock bank (by Wez Smith)

Thursday 22nd July comments: Gannets don’t breed on the Farnes, never have and possibly (I’ll not stick my neck on the line) may never breed on the Farnes. So imagine our surprise when walking around Inner Farne and discovering an adult checking out our moth trap!! The bird, in good health, decided to walk along the dock bank area of the island, nonchalantly walking past the admiring wardens and walking down to the sea and away!

Apart from that, we’ve been closed today as strong winds whipped up the sea from the north but we are due to be open again tomorrow, so no lasting damage.

Latest news:

Puffins still with us, but just a matter of time before they leave!

Guillemots almost completely gone

Arctic and Sandwich Terns – large roosts on Longstone and Inner Farne

Roseate Tern – family parties starting to show throughout the day on Inner Farne – birds moving up from nearby Coquet Island

Sooty Shearwater - first of the year north on 22nd July

Bottle-nosed Dolphins 2 lingering offshore on 20th-21st July

Hummingbird Hawkmoth 1 on a visitor boat and then Inner Farne on 21st July

Wood Sandpiper 2 – singles present Inner Farne and Brownsman on 22nd July


Nancy Wallace said...

Great photos on this blog. Thank you.

kezia said...

That Gannet is one amazing bird and you are all so lucky to see up close , I have just been over to Wales and checking out Ospreys (of course) and the very beautiful red kites , great time . Hope all is well on The Farnes .

Glen Webber (Wildlife Photography) said...

Beautiful bird. I'm a big fan of Gannet. So great to have one visiting!