Wednesday 8 September 2010

Calming down...

Wednesday 8th September comments: At last the wind has eased and although we remained closed to the public (the sea was still very rough) we'll be opening our doors to the public once again from tomorrow (Thursday). Despite the closure, common migrants remained in very good numbers and its been a very exciting period - hopefully something we'll see again later this season.
Major highlights:
White-tailed Eagle – still present on Staple Island
Wryneck - for third day on Brownsman
Ortolan Bunting – 2 immatures together on Inner Farne for second day
Lapland Bunting – 3 still on Brownsman + one west over Inner Farne

Today’s other totals: Kestrel, Greenshank, Common Sandpiper 8, Snipe 11, Ruff 4 west over Brownsman, Great Skua 2N, House Martin 1 south, Swallow, Yellow Wagtail 17 including the white individual for second day, Tree Pipit 17, Whinchat 14, Wheatear 45, Redstart 25, Song Thrush 7, Fieldfare 3, Reed Warbler 7, Grasshopper Warbler 9 – impressive count, Garden Warbler 30, Blackcap 20, Willow Warbler 30, Pied Flycatcher 6, Spotted Flycatcher 12, Siskin 23, Lesser Redpoll and Reed Bunting 2.


kezia said...

Glad the weather is better for you all nice to see Ernie the Eagle is still there and also your other more unusual visitors . Back to the 2 legged ones today then guess those are pretty rare as well at this time of year !!! only the brave . Presume you can head off for provisions today safe journeys .

kezia said...

Come to think of it birds only have two legs as well !!!!! I meant human two legs haha

Sarah said...

Wow! Thats a lot of birds! You guys make me so jealous!! Hope your all having lots of fun despite being trapped!