Friday 3 September 2010

Where have you been?

Not well liked by the local seabirds - our Eagle in flight (Mark Breaks)

Stunning Lapland Bunting on Brownsman (Mark Breaks)

Lapland Bunting on Brownsman (Mark Breaks)

Friday 3rd September comments: It’s been a strange day on the Farnes. Our Eagle has been attracting headlines from the media (as well as a few radio interviews) but as if planned, the bird dually disappeared. An early morning check revealed the bird had gone and visitors and wardens were disappointed (although the Fulmars were pleased!). So life on the Farnes continued without our large Eagle friend, having been present since last Saturday.

Throughout the day, the islands were checked and nothing, although three Lapland Buntings moved through as autumn migration picked up. However as the team were settling down for the evening, attention was drawn back to Staple Island, and there in full powerful glory, our Eagle was back.

Where the bird had been is anyone’s guess – it’s not easy to loose a three foot Eagle on an island without any trees. One theory is that the bird moved north eight miles to nearby Lindisfarne (it was reported as being on there), but its back as it obviously likes the Farnes and those tasty Fulmars…

Today’s Highlights: Red-necked Grebe, Teal 42N, White-tailed Eagle immature (back!), Peregrine, Kestrel, Greenshank 2, Whimbrel 2, Golden Plover 700, Arctic Skua 3N, Willow Warbler 6 and Lapland Bunting 3 (2 west and one lingering on Brownsman).


Lesley said...

The bravery of smaller birds up against such a massive opponent never ceases to amaze me.

kezia said...

Nice for your visitors to get to see a white tail up close and I guess the bird population count on the Farnes wont suffer too much either , it might just stay as it has meals there for a long time nice and easy and all to itself so why leave , I myself had a sparrowhawk today in my garden a first for me so I guess in a much smaller way my garden birds are not happy about that one being around either . Still no Ospreys sighted ?? thought you might have seen one passing by .

Jan said...

You're even in the Peterborough telegraph LOL

Amazing photos in previous posts too - and tghe white shag - rather eerie looking if you ask me.

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