Saturday, 2 October 2010

Saying goodbye

Little Bunting, Brownsman (Mark Breaks)

Saying Goodbye - Mark on his way

Saturday 2nd October comments: It’s been a time of change on the Farnes as the weather has switched to the south, the number of migrant birds present on the islands has started to decline and we’ve started saying goodbye to some of the team.

The last few days has brought yet more rarities including Little Bunting and Richard’s Pipit on Brownsman, although in general, the majority of common migrants has declined. Interestingly, our long staying gem: the Arctic Redpoll remains happy and content on Brownsman.

However it’s not just the migrants which have been departing. At this time of year we say goodbye to some members of staff as the team reduces in number for the final two months. Recently we have said goodbye to Sarah, Wez, Michael and Tom, whilst another member Mark, waved goodbye yesterday. Mark, a Brownsman warden has enjoyed finding and photographing some of the best birds on the islands this year – this blog is certainly thankful for Marks photography skills. So we wish him and everyone else well for the future – good luck team and hopefully we’ll see some of you back soon!

Today’s highlights
Richard’s Pipit on Brownsman then onto nearby Staple Island
Arctic Redpoll still present on Brownsman


kezia said...

Bye Mark and everyone else who has left and Mark thank you so much for all the wonderful pictures much appreciated .

Jan said...

Goodbye everyone who's leaving, and good luck to you all.

Many thanks to Mark for some fabulous photos, it's like a strange vicarious way of enjoying the amazing wildlife of the Farnes - without you it wouldn't be possible. thanks.