Monday 21 March 2011

Puffins return

Look who's back... (Ciaran Hatsell)

Puffins galore (Ciaran Hatsell)

Looking good - Inner Farne courtyard

Whooper Swans fly north (Ciaran Hatsell)
Monday 21st March comments: It’s been a cracking start as the fine weather continues to prevail and team moral is high as we enter our first week back on the islands. It hasn’t taken long for the seabirds to react to the settled start and for the first time this year, the Puffins landed – their back and it was great to see them.

Alongside the Puffins, huge numbers of Guillemots were in attendance whilst Shags and Kittiwakes remain loyal to the cliff tops. However it won’t take much to move birds back out to sea and any spell of poor weather, will result in bare islands, it is only mid-March after all.

Sunday 20th March highlights: Whooper Swan 68N, Red-necked Grebe for second day, Goldeneye 2, Sparrowhawk female, Peregrine male, Purple Sandpiper 90, Skylark and Blackbird 2.


Gerald (SK14) said...

The weather really does look lovely.

The American Suburbanite, Changing Landscapes said...

Thought about you all while on the beach at Bamburgh Castle yesterday!

kezia said...

David can we be intruduced to your new team please ?? So pleased to see a puffin pic and the others . Weather down south has been great so pleased you are getting some as well - long may it last !!! Ospreys are heading home now the male and female have both arrived at Glaslyn North Wales so there is going to be early chicks there for sure , 1 back at Rutland as well , EJ is not back at Loch Garten but that is a bit further to travel .
Take care all and enjoy the sun .