Saturday, 1 October 2011

Shetland Day One

Shetland update: Saturday 1st October comments: Its Shetland time! The Farne Islands blog is now in the capable hands of Graeme Duncan and the team on the Farnes Islands as head warden, David Steel and assistant warden Jamie Coleman have travelled up to the northern isles.

The pair will bring news and views from Fair Isle, as they are staying in the world famous Fair Isle Bird Observatory. For those who are not aware, the bird observatory is now being run by ex-Farne Islands warden David Parnaby and his wife Susannah, whilst another ex-Farne Island warden Jason Moss is also employed there. The week will also see at least three other ex-Farne Islands wardens present on the island, so its rather a 'bus mans' holiday for Mr Steel and Coleman. We'll bring you the news of any wildlife sightings, seal pup births and how the northern isles compared as a seabird breeding against the Farnes this season this year. Its exciting times and keep reading....

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