Saturday, 29 October 2011

Total so far...

Mother and pup
South Wamses Seal colony

Saturday 29th October comments: The latest Seal pup count is complete and numbers are looking very healthy on the islands. A total of seven islands now boast pups with over 400 born. The job took two days (due to weather and visitor opening hours), but we're happy and can rest in the knowledge that all is well with the Seals on the Farnes. Just to let you know, the Farne Islands seal pups will feature on tomorrow's evening Countryfile on BBC, so don't forget to watch!

Latest colony counts:

South Wamses 157

North Wamses 133

Staple Island 92

Northern Hares 16

Brownsman 26

West Wideopens 1

Little Harcar 1

Total: 426

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