Monday, 17 October 2011

Staple First Born

Monday 17th October comments: You can tell Seal season is upon us. The team are living on Brownsman, there are a scattering of Seal pups across the colonies and we've got storms, raging westerly storms battering us. Business as usual then.

The westerly gales have cranked up a notch today and as darkness fell over the islands, the wind was battering Brownsman and the tiles on the 18th century cottage are rattling tonight. On the bird front it was quiet (as expected) as the Bluethroat has moved on although a Merlin kept us entertained mid-afternoon.

On the Grey Seal front, Staple Island welcomed its first pup of the autumn (we've now got them on three islands) and next week we should welcome our first on Brownsman. However that's where you all step in - we would like to name it, so any suggestions would be great! We'll keep you informed of the first pups progress as well as the entire colony throughout November, so don't go anywhere. Keep reading.

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