Tuesday, 8 November 2011

In coming...

Mealy Redpoll showing well (Graeme Duncan)

Woodock on the rocks (Graeme Duncan)

A stunner, male Black Redstart (Graeme Duncan)

Stunner in flight, Black Redstart (Graeme DUncan)

Tuesday 8th November comments: The weather has changed (again) as a south-easterly weather front has moved in, bringing rain and brisk winds (as well as a few birds along the way). The team have been stranded on Brownsman although with plenty of birds dropping in, we've not been bored.

Good numbers of Thrushes have been moving over (especially Fieldfare), whilst migrants like Woodcock have been seen in good numbers (in double figures) with plenty of Blackcaps, Robins and Goldcrest arriving. Other highlights included a very tame (down to just a metre!) Mealy Redpoll whilst two Black Redstarts including an impressive male. With further south-east winds forecast, we may have a few more birds to report tomorrow...

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