Thursday, 17 November 2011

The long and the short of it!

Looking at me...Long-eared Owl in Veg garden (Jamie Coleman)

Short-eared Owl on north rocks (Jamie Coleman)

Thursday 17th November comments: Migration is starting to wind down on the Farnes as the last of the summer migrants have all but gone (the only hint of summer was a lingering Blackcap) whilst winter residents are now well and truly settled, with a scattering of Thrushes and the occasional Robin present.

On the sea things are just as quiet with the only noticeable highlight being a Black Guillemot near Inner Farne last weekend. However we still produce a surprise or two even at this late stage and both have come in the form of Owls. Both Long-eared and Short-eared Owls are currently resident and both have found unusual roosting sites - the long-eared decided a disused Kittiwake nest was to its liking whilst the Short-eared chose the north rocks!

We enjoyed the sights of these fantastic Owls on the island although the local Rock Pipit population were less keen on their new residents. So maybe I'll take it back, it's never dull on the Farnes even in mid-November.

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Unknown said...

What lovely sunny shots of owls. They are so often thought of as just night birds, but I have seen many hunt in daylight.