Saturday 5 November 2011

Let it snow

A stunner on Brownsman; a Twite shows well (Graeme Duncan)

A party of Snow Buntings drops in (Graeme Duncan)

Resident warden Ciaran Hatsell searching for birds

Saturday 5th November comments: Its been a very pleasant, crisp dry day on the islands, as the team enjoyed a rare day-off from the usual island activities. Despite the free-time, the team took full advantage of the settled weather and seawatched for the majority of the day, as well as searching for the odd migrant or two.

Highlights included 13 Snow Buntings (including 12 together), 2 Twite, 3 Woodcock, and a Short-eared Owl migrating west towards the mainland. Sea passage produced a scattering of Divers (including Great Northern), a double figure count of Little Gulls whilst lingering Little Auks peaked at ten. On the majestic front, two herds of Whooper Swans moved south totalling twenty-four whilst five Long-tailed Ducks were also recorded.

In general it was a very pleasant day but its back to the grind tomorrow and another Seal count. Wamses here we come...

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